September 12, 2012

Tom Davis, Early SNL Writer and Comedy Partner of Al Franken

Davis helped to shape some of SNL's most enduring characters and sketches, including the Coneheads and Irwin Mainway.

Tom Davis, one of Saturday Night Live's first staff writers and partners in a comedy team with Al Franken, died July 19, 2012, in Hudson, NY. He was.

According to news reports, the cause was throat and neck cancer.

During his time at SNL, Davis helped to shape such characters as the Coneheads (played by Jane Curtin and Dan Aykroyd), Irwin Mainway (played by Aykroyd), Nick the Lounge Singer (played by Bill Murray) and the sketch in which Julia Child, played by Aykroyd, accidentally cuts herself and bleeds to death.

Davis shared three Primetime Emmys for writing SNL and a fourth for The Paul Simon Special in 1977.

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New York Times


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