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June 15, 2015
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Lots to watch.

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With more than three times the Facebook and Twitter engagement produced as last week’s Social Buzz, fans were clearly in the mood to curl up on the couch with their snacks and binge-watch some of their favorite shows.

The premieres and finales on this week’s social DVR: The Fosters, TURN, Younger, Bones, Orange is the New Black, and Defiance. As per usual, we investigated how audiences reacted to each show’s content to determine which of the following got them sharing and discussing on social.

  • The family dealing with the aftermath of the accident on the premiere of The Fosters
  • Abe plotting Major Hewlett's assassination on the finale of TURN
  • Liza forcing “the talk” with Josh on the finale of Younger

  • Booth and Brennan uncovering crime scene evidence reminiscent of an old enemy on the finale of Bones
  • A LOT of mixed feelings about family on the Netflix release of Orange is the New Black

  • Nolan and Irisa’s rescue from their underground confinement by a mysterious force in the premiere of Defiance

Social Totals

Orange is the New Black arrested the most user engagements, successfully securing 1.3MM likes, comments, shares, retweets and favorites for a 45.9% market share. The Fosters adopted enough engagements for second place, with 704.0K engagements for a market share of 25.6%.

Active Audience

Just because a show is able to rack up a lot of engagement volume doesn’t mean that it also has the most reactive audience. However, here Orange is the New Black locked up this category as well with die hard fans generating 627.4 engagements per 1K users. Younger had their fans and followers gossiping at a rate of 560.6 engagements per 1K users—enough to grab second place among the shows analyzed.


The Fosters
Facebook: 2,574,983
Twitter: 351034

Facebook: 159,045
Twitter: 13870

Facebook: 168,287
Twitter: 22422

Facebook: 11,855,705
Twitter: 724141

Orange is the New Black
Facebook: 4,015,756
Twitter: 827422

Facebook: 378,606
Twitter: 41345

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