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The following is an aggregated list of articles and information related to the 2023 guild negotiations. The Television Academy is providing these links for informational purposes only.

WGA Asks Tony-Nominated Guild Members Not to Attend Tony Awards
From Hollywood Reporter: The WGA sent an email to Tony nominees, who are also guild members, saying that instead of attending, they may pre-tape acceptance speeches, in case of a win, or ask a non-member to accept the award on their behalf, according to sources familiar with the matter. 5/27/23

Predawn Picket Lines Help Writers Disrupt Studio Productions
The New York Times reports that, since the WGA strike began on May 2, some guild members have been waking before dawn to try to disrupt productions whose scripts had already been finished. 5/26/23

Half of All Projects in California's Film Incentives Program Have Requested "Force Majeure" Extensions Due to WGA Strike
Deadline reports that half of the 46 projects currently in the California film incentives program are seeking "force majeure" waivers to extend their mandated start-date requirements due to the ongoing WGA strike. 5/26/23

Television Academy Honors Canceled Amid Writers' Strike
From Hollywood Reporter: The Academy event celebrating programming that has harnessed the extraordinary power of storytelling to fuel social change was scheduled for May 31. 5/26/23

DGA Contract Talks: Directors Seek More Time and Clout in Editing Room on Episodic TV
Variety reports that the Directors Guild of America is pushing for a contractual provision that would give television directors more time and responsibility in the editing room. 5/25/23

Ted Lasso Finale Event Canceled at Paley Center
From Hollywood Reporter: The ongoing writers' strike affected the planned cast panel and screening that was set for Tuesday in Los Angeles. 5/25/23

Marvel Delays Thunderbolts Filming Amid Writers Strike
Hollywood Reporter notes that the decision comes just a few weeks after Marvel paused progress on Blade. 5/25/23

Barack Obama: Studios "Wouldn't Be Around If It Weren't for Writers," Says He's "Hopeful" About Deal
From Hollywood Reporter: The former president shared his support for the ongoing strike during a live-streamed interview with Ira Glass on LinkedIn. 5/25/23

Writers' Strike Dampens Dealmaking in Rainy Cannes
Hollywood Reporter recounts activity during the Cannes Film Festival: Some big deals have been made, but insiders are feeling uncertainty due to the writers' strike: "If everything shuts down, eventually we're going to run out of movies." 5/24/23

TV's Biggest Mystery: How Long Will Pipeline For New Programming Be Closed?
The Associated Press reports on the the recent Upfronts and uncertainty about upcoming programming due to the WGA strike and other factors. 5/22/23

Force Majeure: Why the Phrase on Hollywood's Mind Isn't in Most Writers' Suspension Letters
From Hollywood Reporter: Regarding force majeure, Hollywood attorneys are trying to help writers and hyphenates understand a situation with no clear consensus. 5/19/23

Cannes: Multi-Union Strike Fear Has Dealmakers on Edge
From Hollywood Reporter: The WGA strike, coupled with forthcoming DGA and SAG-AFTRA contract negotiations, has dealmakers in Cannes pondering whether they should pursue projects that may not get made for some time. 5/19/23

How the Writers' Strike Is Forcing a Rewrite of Emmy FYC Season
Variety reports on ways the WGA work stoppage has affected For Your Consideration campaigning for the Emmy Awards. 5/18

Where Actors Could Make a Deal With Studios on AI
From Hollywood Reporter: SAG-AFTRA has a new rallying cry: "augmentation, rather than replacement." 5/18/23

Fewer Stars, Fewer Shows, Fewer CEOs and More Picket Lines as Upfronts Wrap
From Hollywood Reporter: The writers' strike made its presence felt during the recent Upfronts. 5/18/23

How Networks Faced (or Ignored) the Writers Strike in Their Fall Plans
Hollywood Reporter discusses the impact of the writers' strike on the broadcast networks' fall schedules. 5/18/23

SAG-AFTRA National Board Orders Strike Authorization Vote
From Hollywood Reporter: The union is currently scheduled to begin negotiations on June 7 ahead of a June 30 contract expiration date. 5/17/23

L.A. Sees 69.5% Decline in Production Permits in Second Week of Strike
Variety cites statistics from FilmLA revealing that, in the second week of the WGA work stoppage, the number of on-location permits for television and feature films declined 69.5% from the same week in 2022. 5/17/23

What Constitutes "Writing" During a Strike? That's a Heated Debate
From Hollywood Reporter: Writers also employed as directors, actors or producers are consulting their reps, unions and consciences. 5/17/23

WGA Argues Strike Will Cost Studios More Than Settlement
Variety reports that in an email to its members, the guild stated that its proposals would cost an estimated $429 million per year, an amount described as "modest" compared to the billions spent on content every year, and the billions in revenues earned annually by the major entertainment companies. 5/16/23

Daytime Emmys, Creative Arts Ceremony Postponed Amid Writers Strike
From Hollywood Reporter: The two events, scheduled for June, will be rescheduled for a later date after a resolution between the WGA and AMPTP. 5/16/23

Tonys to Move Forward with Unscripted, Televised Broadcast Amid Writers Strike
From Hollywood Reporter: The format of the show will change, but host Ariana DeBose is still expected to participate in some capacity. 5/16/23

83rd Annual Peabody Awards Cancels In-Person Ceremony Amid Writers Strike
From The Hollywood Reporter: The Peabody Awards has canceled what would have been its first in-person ceremony since 2019 — and its first-ever in Los Angeles — due to the WGA strike. 5/16/23

WGA Says Strike Is Costing California's Economy $30 Million a Day
Deadline reports that the WGA strike is costing California's economy $30 million daily, according to the guild. 5/15/23

Writers Guild Says It Will Not Picket 2023 Tony Awards
From The Hollywood Reporter: The WGA will not negotiate an interim agreement or waiver with the Tony Awards, but it will not picket the event in whatever form it moves forward. 5/15/23.

Tony Awards Will Appeal to Writers Guild on Ceremony Once More
Hollywood Reporter says the Tony Awards Management Committee will ask the WGA, which denied a previous appeal, not to picket the televised awards ceremony, to potentially move forward with the broadcast. 5/15/23

Writers' Strike Front and Center as NBCUniversal Kicks Off Upfronts Week
From Hollywood Reporter: A picket line and a lack of star power led to one of the most unusual upfront week kickoffs in recent memory. 5/15/23

WGA Launches Scab Reporting Website Where Members Are Required to Name Those Suspected of Crossing Picket Lines: "You Must Inform the Guild"
Deadline reports that the WGA has established a site on its Strike Hub where members can and must report strike breakers. 5/12/23

The Tony Awards Will Not Be Televised: WGA Denies Strike Waiver
Deadline reports that the WGA has denied producers of the Tony Awards a requested strike waiver that would have allowed the broadcast to go on as scheduled June 11. 5/12/23

How the Last Writers' Strike Changed Things Onscreen
The New York Times recalls effects from the last WGA strike, including promising shows that lost their audiences and turbocharging reality programming. 5/12/23

How Much Can a Director Change a Script During the Writers Strike? The Guilds Are at Odds
From The Hollywood Reporter: The Directors Guild of America has issued some new guidance on members' rights and responsibilities regarding minor or incidental script changes. 5/11/23

WGA Strike: FBI: Most Wanted, Pretty Little Liars Sequel, Power Book II: Ghost, Daredevil, Billions, P-Valley Among Latest Shows Shut Down by Scribes; See Full List
Deadline's ongoing list of productions affected by the strike. 5/11/23

Film/TV Shoots at L.A. Hotels May Be Disrupted As Hospitality Workers Back Writers' Strike
From Hollywood Reporter: Local 11, which represents workers at popular shooting locations across the region, announced it "will not cross any picket line set up by the WGA." 5/11/23

TV's War With the Robots Is Already Here
A New York Times television critic examines a point of contention in the current strike, the encroachment of artificial intelligence in film and television writing. 5/10/23

What the Directors Guild Will Fight for As Talks with Studios Begin
From The Hollywood Reporter: As the DGA begins talks with studios on May 10, a residual formula based on global streaming growth and data transparency are key priorities. The Guild's contract with the AMPTP expires June 30. 5/10/23

Critics Choice Indefinitely Postpones First Celebration of LGBTQ+ Movies and TV Due to Writers' Strike
The Wrap reports that the Critics Choice Association has postponed a planned Celebration of LGBTQ+ Cinema & Television due to the current strike. 5/9/23

DGA Leaders Lay Out Goals for Contract Talks That Start Wednesday — Watch The Video
Deadline reports on a video from the Directors Guild of America outlining its bargaining position as it preapres to begin contract negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers this week. 5/9/23

President Biden Weighs in on WGA Strike, Says Writers Deserve a "Fair Deal"
The Hollywood Reporter relates comments from the President about the dispute between the WGA and AMPTP. 5/8/23

'It's Going to Be a While': No End in Sight for Hollywood Strike
From The New York Times: The WGA and AMPTP remain far apart on several key issues, including money, and the standoff could last for months. 5/8/23

WGA Strike: Studios Move in to Suspend TV Overall Deals
Deadline reports that television studios are sending letters to writer-producers under overall agreements, telling them that their deals are being suspended. 5/7/23

Emmys: Writers Guild Turns Away FYC Money from Struck Companies
From The Hollywood Reporter: The WGA is declining business from the companies its members are currently striking against, including Emmy FYC advertising on its website and email communications. 5/6/23

Striking Showrunners Gather to Discuss Studio Demands: "We Can't Be at War One Day" and Partners the Next
Hollywood Reporter describes a WGA meeting where leaders and members discussed recent letters from studios. 5/6/23

Studios Demand Showrunners Work During Writers' Strike
From Hollywood Reporter: Letters to striking writer-producers from studios state that they must perform non-writing duties and may be obligated to act against their guild's own mandates. 5/5/23

Writers' Strike Fallout: $2B Economic Impact May Be Just the Beginning
Hollywood Reporter assesses the potential economic impact of the current work stoppage. 5/5/23

Writers Strike: Studios Break Silence on AI, TV Staff Sizes, How Talks Broke Down
From Hollywood Reporter: A four-page document explains the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers' position in ongoing negotiations and counters statements made by the WGA. 5/4/23

What Writers Can Work on During the Strike (It's Not Much)
Hollywood Reporter writes that the WGA's strike rules provide few options for writers to pursue their craft, but some do exist. 5/4/23

On the Ground with the WGA Picketers
An episode of The Ankler podcast featuring a conversation about the first full day of the WGA strike with reports from picket lines. 5/3/23

All the TV Shows and Movies Affected by the WGA Writers Strike (Updating)
Variety's ongoing list of television and film project affected by the writers' strike. 5/3/23

How Will the Writers' Strike Affect Your Favorite Show?
The New York Times revisits key issues in the impassse between the WGA and AMPTP and the current strike.5/3/23

WGA Holds Massive Solidarity Rally With Hollywood Labor Allies
From Hollywood Reporter: On the evening of May 3, more that 1,800 people from the Writers Guild, as well as reps from six other unions, gathered at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Joining WGA members were reps from the Teamsters, Directors Guild, SAG-AFTRA, the Laborers' International Union of North America, Operative Plasterers' and Cement Masons' International Association and IATSE. 5/3/23

A Deluge of 11th Hour Scripts Have Execs Contemplating What to Do Next
From The Hollywood Reporter: Just before the WGA contract deadline, executives and reps received a large number of scripts to review. 5/3/23

TV Academy Offers Option to Cancel FYC Events As Questions Swirl Over Emmy Campaigns During the Strike
Variety reports that the Television Academy is giving networks and studios the opportunity to cancel Emmy FYC events should the writers' strike limit the possibility of continuing such an event. 5/2/23

How Will the Writers' Strike Impact FYC Emmy Campaigning?
From Hollywood Reporter: The WGA tells writers they are "prohibited from making these promotional appearances about your work until the strike concludes." 5/2/23

As Writers Strike, Will Viewers Notice?
From Hollywood Reporter: At a moment when major negotiating points involve streaming content, viewers may not appreciate its impact on the writers of their favorite shows because of the abundance of streaming content available to them. 5/2/23

Writers Strike Picket Line Takes Over Entire New York City Block
The Hollywood Reporter describes a gathering of hundreds of writers picketing in Midtown Manhattan, blocking the entrance to the Newfronts presentation by the NBCU streaming platform Peacock. 5/2/23

Writers Strike Explained: The Issues, the Stakes, Movies & TV Shows Affected — and How Long the 2023 Work Stoppage Might Last
Deadline covers the major points of the WGA and AMPTP positions, the potential impact of a protracted strike and more. 5/3/23

WGA Strike Picket Line Locations List and Times Set for Los Angeles & New York
Deadline publishes a list of the times and locations being targeted by the WGA West in Los Angeles and WGA East in New York for strike actions and picketing. 5/1/23

As Writers Strike, Will Viewers Notice?
From Hollywood Reporter: At a moment when major negotiating points involve streaming content, viewers may not appreciate its impact on the writers of their favorite shows because of the abundance of streaming content available to them. 5/2/23

Writers Guild Negotiators on Where Talks Broke Down: "They Really Weren't Interested in Making a Deal."
Hollywood Reporter speaks with WGA negotiators David Goodman, Chris Keyser and Ellen Stutzman. 5/2/23

Writers' Strike Begins: 'No One Wants This, but It's Necessary.'
Variety reports that primary sticking points are a WGA proposal for a TV staffing minimum and a minimum number of weeks of employment on a TV show. 5/2/23

What Went Wrong? Writers & Studios Reveal What They Couldn't (and Could) Agree on As Strike Is Set
Deadline recounts the key issues that remain unresolved and contributed to the WGA's decision. 5/1/23

Late-Night Shows Go Dark After WGA Declares Strike
Variety reports that, as anticipated, late-night shows are going dark for the foreseeable future as a result of the writers' strike. 5/2/23

WGA Calls for Strike to Begin Tuesday, Slams Studios for Creating 'Gig Economy' That Aims to Turn Writing into 'Entirely Freelance' Profession
Variety reports that the guild told its members that "For the sake of our present and our future, we have been given no other choice." 5/1/23

Writers Guild Calls First Strike in 15 Years
Hollywood Reporter writes that negotiations broke down between the WGA and the AMPTP. 5/1/23

Writers Strike: What Happens If Other Union Workers Refuse to Cross Picket Lines
Hollywood Reporter reviews what other guilds might do in the event of a WGA strike, including SAG-AFTRA, DGA, IATSE and Teamsters. 5/1/23

Writers Strike FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About the (Possible) Shutdown
From Variety: a Frequently Asked Questions explainer about the possible strike by the WGA. 5/1/23

"Everyone Is Just Scrambling": Hollywood on Edge as Writers Guild Talks Go Down to Wire 
The Hollywood Reporter assesses the industry as the WGA's midnight contract deadline approaches. 5/1/23

Writers, Seeking Pay Change for the Streaming Era, Prepare to Strike 
With the possibility of a strike imminent, The New York Times recounts the impact of streaming content on the industry since the last work stoppage 16 years ago and its effect on current negotations between the WGA and AMPTP. 4/30/23

WGA Tells Members to Get Ready to Picket If a Deal Isn't Reached 
From Hollywood Reporter: In an email sent to its members Sunday night, the Writers Guild negotiating committee notified members to be prepared to picket if a deal with the AMPTP is not reached by the May 1 deadline; the committtee also asked members to complete a survey on preferred strike locations and times. 4/30/23

Hollywood, Both Frantic and Calm, Braces for Writers' Strike 
The New York Times reports on the entertainment industry mindset as the WGA contract deadline approaches: "People have stopped asking one another whether a strike would take place and started to talk about duration." 4/28/23

Hollywood Braces for Fallout as a Possible Writers' Strike Looms 
Variety assesses the mood in Hollywood as the prospect of a strike increases ahead of the WGA's May 1 contract deadline. 4/27/23

Writers Guild Issues Rules for Potential Strike: Writing, Pitching and Negotiating for Work Are Barred 
From Hollywood Reporter, the WGA has released the rules that would go into effect if the guild opts to strike when its curent contract expires. Members who do not follow them can be disciplined for violations. 4/25/23

DGA Says It Supports WGA in Its Efforts to Achieve a "Fair & Reasonable" Contract 
In a story from Deadline, the Directors Guild expressed support for the WGA in its ongoing negotiations for a new contract with the AMPTP. 4/24/23

DGA Reminds Members That No-Strike Clause Is in Place Until June 30  
Per Variety, the Directors Guild has informed its members that its contract does not expire until June 30, so they may not strike until then. Members are not required to cross a picket line but could be replaced if they do not. 4/20/23

SAG-AFTRA Board Votes Unanimously to "Strongly" Support the WGA in Its Contract Talks with AMPTP 
Deadline reports that the National Board of SAG-AFTRA voted as one to approve a resolution "strongly in support" of the WGA in its negotiations for a new contract. 4/22/23

What shows would stop first if Hollywood writers strike? Here's what the WGA says 
Los Angeles Times outlines the anticipated impact on programming should there be a writers' strike. Late-night shows would be among the first affected. 4/20/23

L.A. Production Drops Sharply Amid Strike Fears  
Citing statistics from FilmLA, Variety reports on a notable year-over-year decline in Los Angeles production fueled by concerns of a potential work stoppage. 4/19/23

DGA Leaders Explain Members' Rights & Responsibilities in the Event of WGA Strike 
Deadline reports that DGA leaders have informed guild members of their rights and responsibilities in the event of a writers' strike. 4/20/23

Yep, It's Slow: How a Potential Strike and Industry Pivoting Has Hollywood at a Standstill
Deadline reports that the entertainment industry business has slowed due to uncertainty related to a potential work stoppage. 4/19/23

Ted Sarandos on Potential Strike: Netflix Could Fare Better Than Others During Work Stoppage
From The Hollywood Reporter: On an earnings call, Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos noted that, should a WGA work stoppage occur, his company might manage better than some others. But he emphasized that, "We're at the table, and we're going to try to get to an equitable solution so there isn't a strike." 4/18/23

We can't afford another writers' strike. Not Hollywood, not L.A., not the country.
A Los Angeles Times columnist urges the WGA and AMPTP to reach an agreement to avoid serious economic consequences. 4/17/23

Writers Authorize Strike: Nearly 98 Percent Support Work Stoppage
From The Hollywood Reporter: In a vote, 97.85 percent of eligible members of the WGA West and East voted to authorize a strike; 2.15 percent voted against. The result gives the guild the option to suspend work if labor leaders deem it necessary.4/17/23

Producers Preempt Writers Guild Vote Tally, Say Strike Ratification Is "Inevitable"
From The Hollywood Reporter: Prior to the release of the WGA's strike authorization vote, the AMPTP says in a statement that a strike authorization has been part of the guild's plan from the outset. 4/17/23

SAG-AFTRA, AMPTP to Start Contract Talks With Producers on June 7
The performers set a date before its current pact with studios and streamers expires on June 30. 4/13/23

David Zaslav on Potential Writers Strike
The president and CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery says he's hopeful for a solution that's "fair to all parties." 4/12/23

In Past Strikes, Networks Turned to Reality TV. Now It's More Complicated.
From Los Angeles Times: Relying on reality programming as a source of content in the event of a writers' strike could present more challenges than in the past. 4/12/23

WGA Talks with Studios Could Extend into Next Week
Deadline reports that extended discussions show the WGA and AMPTP's willingness to continue negotiations to avoid a strike. 4/7/23

Hollywood Writers Speaking Out in Support of WGA Strike Authorization
Deadline speaks with WGA members supporting the guild's strike authorization in interviews and on social media. 4/6/23

WGA, Hollywood Studios to Resume Contract Talks on Wednesday
Variety reports that the Writers Guild and Hollywood's major employers will continue contract discussions on Wednesday, April 5, seeking to make progress prior to the expiration of the guild's current agreement on May 1. 4/4/23

WGA Sets Strike Authorization Vote
From Variety: The Writers Guild has set a strike authorization vote to begin on April 11. 4/3/23

Is Writer Pay Up or Down?
From Variety: A general discussion on writers' current pay scale. 4/3/23

How Networks and Streamers Are Prepping for a Potential Writers Strike
From The Hollywood Reporter: Some writers are working through hiatus as networks are looking to compile scripts during negotiations. 3/31/23

Writers and Studios Could Hold Additional Talks Over the Next Two Weeks
Deadline reports that writers and studios will keep discussions going despite a planned two-week break. 4/4/23

Inside WGA Talks
VIP+ senior media analyst Gavin Bridge held a wide-ranging discussion with Variety co-editor-in-chief Cynthia Littleton and Variety's labor expert Gene Maddaus examining key issues in the WGA negotiations. 3/30/23

The Writers Strike and Global Content Creators
From The Hollywood Reporter: Around the world, producers and distributors are closely watching the negotiations. 3/30/20

The Writers Guild Biggest Contract Negotiation: The Mini Room
Variety reports on a prevalent issue in the WGA contract negotiation — the mini room. 3/29/23

Directors Guild Sets Leadership to Helm Member Outreach Efforts During Negotiations
From The Hollywood Reporter: Former union presidents Paris Barclay and Thomas Schlamme will oversee the union's team coordinating and communicating with members during negotiations. 3/28/23

Writers Guild Says It's Pushing to Prohibit AI-Generated Works Under Contract in Negotiations
From The Hollywood Reporter: The guild has clarified its position on works created with the assistance of artificial intelligence. 3/22/23

WGA and AMPTP Exchange Proposals Ahead of Next Week's Negotiations 
From Variety: The WGA and the AMTPT exchange proposals as they prepare for face-to-face bargaining. 3/13/23

What a Potential WGA Strike Means for You 
The Wrapbook profiles the causes of a potential WGA strike, the repercussions it could have on the entertainment industry and how to navigate its effects. 3/5/23

Writers Vote to Approve Guild Priorities for 2023 Negotiations
From The Hollywood Reporter: Voting members of the WGA support the objectives for talks, which include further regulating of mini-rooms and raising minimum compensation. 3/7/23

Podcast: The Perfect Storm for a Writers Strike
On the podcast The Town, host Matthew Belloni speaks with Bloomberg's Lucas Shaw about the economics of streaming and what a writers' work stoppage would look like.

In Contract Talks, the Push for Viewership Data May Become a Flash Point
From Variety: In upcoming negotiations, the WGA will reportedly seek greater transparency regarding data from streamers. 2/28/23

Hollywood Studios Plan for a Writers' Strike
From Los Angeles Times: Hollywood studios plan for a potential work stoppage ahead of negotiations. 2/28/23

Writers Guild Contract Negotiations to Begin on March 20, as Strike Threat Looms 
From Variety: WGA sets date for negotiations on a new contract. 2/22/23

Why There Is Talk of a Writers' Strike in Hollywood
New York Times overview of the respective positions in the upcoming negotiations and potential effects. 2/20/23

WGA Signals TV Writing Staff Sizes, Higher Income May Be Prioritized in Coming Negotiations 
From The Hollywood Reporter: The Writers Guild sets priorities for its upcoming negotiations. 2/17/23

The Bulwark Goes to Hollywood — Shawn Ryan on Past WGA Negotiations and the Evolving Business
On The Bulwark Goes to Hollywood podcast, host Sonny Bunch speaks with Shawn Ryan, showrunner of The Night Agent and past member of the WGA negotiation committee, about the forthcoming negotiations and how the business of television has evolved. 

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